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Crypto Poker Club launches next gen blockchain powered poker platform

Crypto Poker Club launches on April 20 th 2018 and will support both
Bitcoin & Ethereum smart contracts. The game looks to transform the
online poker industry by being more secure, fairer and providing higher
profitability compared to traditional poker rooms.

Online poker has truly boomed since the early 2000’s and has been
growing ever since. In recent years however this growth has slowed down
with one of the largest poker groups announcing a year on year loss for
poker despite all their other games performing better. Is the poker
industry declining?

Crypto Poker Club believes there are 3 fundamental problems that
need to be addressed. The first being the game engines and features
which have not seen dramatic improvements over the years. This
includes card shuffling and player security.

If you compare online poker in 2008 and in 2018, the difference is
merely graphic in the most significant cases. Nearly the same identical
game features are present a decade later.

The second fundamental problem is game profitability. With massive
bonus cuts by more than half and higher increases in rake (game fees), it
is tough for regular poker players to make as much profit as they used to.

The third problem is player’s security and trust. With scandals like
money laundering throughout the largest poker sites, collusion
problems, ponzi schemes and even players data being shared in high
stakes games for cheating. There is an obvious problem when it comes to
what player’s data is shared, what can be manipulated and the overall
management of player funds.

Blockchain is the solution

To tackle big problems, you need a big solution. Blockchain technology
opens the doors to a more safer, secure and verifiable game which cannot
be tricked or altered. Many online poker scandals would have not been
possible had this type of technology been adopted sooner.

Crypto Poker Club’s online poker game looks to provide special
proprietary technology for card shuffling, offers 3 additional layers of
player security and claims to provide some of the biggest bonuses in
online poker history.

As of 16 th March, the firm has opened up registration for early members
and provides free Bitcoin & Ethereum for all players who sign up before
they launch.

Poker Pros Weigh-in On Crypto

Here are some of the most successful poker players of all time actively
involved in Crypto and Blockchain technology:

  • Phil Hellmuth – Investing in Crypto business
  • Daniel Negranu – Heavily invested in Crypto
  • Phil Ivey – Involved in Ethereum based poker game
  • Dan Bilzerian – 4+ Crypto Portfolio Disclosure
  • Bill Perkins – Been investing for years into Cryptocurrency
  • Tony G – Early adopter and active investor
  • Doug Polk – Huge advocate for crypto
  • Dan Colman – Invests in Ethereum

Crypto Poker Club’s mission is to empower poker players worldwide
through Blockchain technology

Online poker’s natural progression seems to be pointing towards
Blockchain adoption as it provides many benefits. Professional poker
players have realised this early and have actively become involved.

What do you think is cryptocurrency & blockchain the future of poker?

Tell us in the comments.